Pet Policies

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A true getaway is when you bring your beloved pet with you. Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins is a Pet-friendly resort with certain cabins dedicated for you and your four-legged family member. We love your furry friends as much as you do, and we know that they will have fun exploring our 10 acres of forest beauty with ponds and streams. From our walking trails to nearby dog parks and even a local Dog Bakery, staying at Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins is every pooch’s dream.

When making your cabin reservation, be sure to choose one of the “pet-friendly” cabins, because not all of our cabins are. Also, please review our pet policies and fees so you know what to expect. We look forward to welcoming your pet, just as much as we welcome you!

To make sure you and your pet have a great stay we have some policies that need to be followed:

Pet Payment Policies

$35 per night per pet

$300 refundable pet deposit

Max of two pets per cabin

$300 refundable pet deposit for the first pet and an additional $100 refundable pet deposit for the second pet.

Pet Care Policies

Pets must be registered upon arrival.

All pets must remain on a leash outside of the cabin.

Pets are never to be left alone in the cabin, If you must leave please ask about pet sitters (when available).

Pets barking and disturbing other cabins will be asked to leave.

Pet owners are responsible for picking up all pet do-dos (we have pet mitts located around the property)

Pets are not allowed on furniture, beds, or sofas (if your pet likes to sleep on sofas we ask you to bring blankets to cover the furniture). You will be charged for pet hair found on furniture.

We recommend you bring towels for pets with messy paws. Cabin towels are for guests only.

Pet Friendly Cabins

Pine Rose (for small dogs only)

All one bedrooms (Sugar Pine, Sunflower, Blue Jay, and Wild Bill’s)

Fisherman’s Hideaway

Little House on The Pond (small pets only)

Storybook Cottage

Cedar Creek Cottage

Ponderosa Lodge